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The Twelve Dancing Princesses

Grades 6 - Young Adult 

The Twelve Dancing Princesses will be part of our summer program and  submitted for consideration to a popular fall festival 2021 (pending state and local COVID-19 guidelines).



Video submission by June 12

Payment is due at registration. Once you complete the registration, you will receive a notification when audition materials are available. *


For the audition, you will be asked to provide a video singing a selected musical number, choreography, and sides. You will also need to submit headshot, full body shot, and measurements.

Vocal Audition Information: 

32 measures of a song in the genre of  the show. The song can be your choice. 

Choreography Audition Information: 

                                   Tutorial                                                                                                          Run Through

Acting Audition Information:

The Twelve Dancing Princesses Acting Sides

Upload your audition to the Drop Box with your first and last name:  Click Here to Submit Your Audition for Twelve Dancing Princesses


Upon registration, you will receive our 2021 Safety and Operating Plan Guidelines which are aligned to the NYS ED guidelines and other source materials for the performing arts. As guidelines change, the plan will be updated.



August 9 – August 20, 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM



August 21, 1:00 PM and 4:30 PM  (Rain date August 22)  


The Show:

Enter the magical world of twelve princesses who love to dance. Each night, they sing the song that allows them secret passage into the enchanted forest. Once they arrive, the trees sparkle and chime with silver and gold leaves, beautiful music plays and the spirit of their mother watches over them. In the meantime, their father, the king, is perplexed, and the shoemaker and his apprentices are exasperated, but the princesses must dance. Then one day, the king (tired of finding twelve pairs of worn shoes outside his daughters' room each morning) issues a proclamation. The first person to discover the secret of where the princesses go each night shall receive his or her heart's desire and eight bags of gold! After an entertaining visit from the Prince of Arrogance ("Talking about me is my favorite thing to do!"), Matthew the commoner comes to visit. And when the Spirit Mother gives Matthew an invisibility cloak, events rapidly begin to change.


Cost: $300, (Payable to Main Street Players and due at registration)



Pay Here:



Discounts Available

Referral Discount:  Refer friends and family and receive $25 off tuition

Multi-class and family discount available



Mail to: P.O. Box 1141 Fairport NY 14450
Email to:

Register by Phone: by calling Kim at 585-704-6211 or Terry at 585-455-5050

Payments are due at time of registration and prior to casting the show. Checks payable to Main Street Players. There are no refunds given after the show has been cast.